Suzanne Berton

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Nova Scotia Canada
4 Images

Scenes and Themes from the Province of Nova Scotia Canada

Quebec Canada
7 Images

Scenes and themes of the province of Quebec Canada

British Columbia Canada
5 Images

Scenes and Themes from British Columbia Canada

Alberta Canada
5 Images

Scenes and Themes from Alberta Canada

4 Images

Scenes and themes from the province of Saskatchewan Canada

12 Images

Places and themes in Manitoba Canada

Ontario Canada
18 Images

Places and settings in Ontario Canada

New Brunswick Canada
4 Images

Art showing places and settings from New Brunswick.

Newfoundland Canada
15 Images

Some art works showing places in Newfoundland.

PEI - Home of Anne of Green Gables
13 Images

These images are from Prince Edward Island - PEI - Canada, the location or setting where Lucy Maud Montgomery created the famed character Anne of Green Gables.

Abandoned Places
19 Images

Abandoned Farms, Homes, specifically in rural Canada (USA too on occasion)

Animals - Second Gallery
63 Images

Simply Animals of every kind

Places in Canada (2) Endroit au Canada
75 Images

Same as Gallery Places in Canada (1)

Auroraborealis and Sky
15 Images

Auroraborealis deserves a gallery of its own! However, I want to add anything to do with skies, clouds, storms...

Rural Churches - Abandoned or Not
12 Images

Rural churches - abandoned or not - tell a story of people who lived and worshipped in rural areas.

Farms and Rural Living
79 Images

Simply the rural life including landscapes, farms, and simply country living!

Black and White Drawings or inks
16 Images

Black and white drawings or inks on paper Any subject - animals, birds, places, things, etc... ***** Dessings, noir et blanc, (encre aussi) Sujets variés - animaux, oiseaux, objects, places, etc...

Canoes, Kayaks and Boats
10 Images

This is a gallery of small boats such as Canoes, Kayaks and Boats

Little Birds
86 Images

Small Birds

Places in Canada - Endroits au Canada
101 Images

Certain places make Canada a beautiful and unique country. These places invite people to see, live, and visit. Many are well-known places, but some are not so well-known. ***** Des endroits au Canada sont beaux et uniques. Ces endroits invitent le monde à voir, à vivre and à visiter. Plusieurs sont connus, mais autres ne sont pas connus.

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